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Friday, December 30, 2011


ummm..semalam tengok cite 3 best gle..totally the whole story is about and only a small part is about quite interesting credit to NURAIHANSHAHLIN..FATINHAWANI. yang cakap citer ni seronok..haha tp memg seronok give me a new strength eventhough i don get spc...hha..ummmmmm...actually before ni ak x minat pon dengan cite hihindustan hha....menari bagai citer ni minat lhh pulak...hha...suka3....hah lpas ni i wanna be a fan for hindustan movie...hha..nak like fanpage lhh..

ummm talkin about friendship suddenlu i rmmber about friends....i think i am lack of friends..maybe best friends...honestly ak x penah pon ad bestfriends...ummm maybe because i always friends with anyone so i dont have the best...oooooohhhhh x kesah lhh...hha..anyway sedih lhh tengok kawan2 lme kat sini they look like bepuak2 umm dulu x lhh cam 2..opppss!!!!!!!!!!

Bbile ingat kakak ak dulu smua kluar bejalan2 lps spm but me!!!just stayin at home...DO I LOOK LIKE TOO LOOSER...sometimes i feel like a LOOSER..hha hari2 pon they just plan nak kluar ngan dyeorang belagak lhh can they can ride a motorcycle but me only BICYCLE...hha looser lagi..umm..x tahu lhh i always feel antara me and my friends here ad gap lhh..x tahu ak DHH X KESAH SEBAB DARI PRIMARY SCHOOL DHH AD PON MNDE 2,,,HHA...LALI DHH AK PON..K LHH NO WORDS ANYMORE...UMMMM BYE..

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