the 'RECIPE'

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


L-O-V-E...hha. nthin to say...i've no experience in that crazy things..i write this entry after stalkinG khairunnisa blog..she had given this phrase maybe this will useful for me..hha..

'being single does not mean no one wants you.its just mean that's God is busy writing u'r love story.'
simple knn but WOOOOOO....ummm...i take many time to think about this it TRUE....or just to sedapkan hati je....kn3????????but truely ummm i like this bcos i feel really SPECIAL..did'nt u???????
ap2pon at this time i dont need it at all...i jus want my sometimes macam x paham ble ad kawan sanggop bergadoh sebb BF...sounds funny but still ad yg buat...dh2 lhh 2 ak pasti x kamane pan..las2 clash jugak kpd yg x pernah in LOVE like ME...please stop thaT feelin...huh..WASTIN TIME...and trust me ONLY FOOLS FALL IN LOVE...OKKKK<3

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