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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i want to be the ONE!!!!!

YES..MERAPU LAGI..i want to be the ONE means i want to be someone it doesn't matter in music industry ke #macambolehnyayni sports or etc etc...sudah2..but i don't care i want to be the ONE..who is really special FAMOUS..and can make my family neighbour proud of me!!!!!!!dah mula dhh riak nye..ok i don't cre what ppl might say but i still want to be the ONE AWATIFHASHIM yes the special one!!!yup in the rat-rage age all people have their own target and specialities to reach their now i don't have much time to ponder or had fun all the time.kan3..i also must reach my own goal to be the ONE..!!apatunggu lagi mari pergi!!!!

look everyday in BULETIN UTAMA orang tua pon boleh buat nama in their career fr exmple doing crafty projects by using woods..paper..LEE CHONG WEI he makes his name in badminton sports by becoming world no.1..HAFIS by winning AJL yesterday..LADY GAGA by having a lot of followers in twitter 18k tau..TUN DR MAHATHIR make his name with his superb leadership..NAJWA LATIF by singing in youtube ..MAT LUTFI by doing interesting videos..and some of them can make their name by playing yoyo..or making car that uusing hydrogen gas to move what should i do to be the ONE tapi taknak lah masok BULETIN UTAMA or FIRST PAGE paper bunuh orang ke..rompak ke!lol.nak lhh buat something yg dapat bebakti kd negara sikit..hahahaha..

tapi seriously i'm so jealous with them that earn popularity just by doing small things but special how come they can think ot of the yes maybe they have booster in their life..ok start from now kne cari booster ni tapi booster tak jual kat kedai kak oii...this is the PROBLEM..ak x boleh maju because i don't have booster!!!!!!!ok start from now kne cari booster cari booster!!!!!!!!"NAK CARI BOOSTER NAK CARI BOOSTER!!!!merepek lagi..

lastly fr those who came with brilliant idea on  what gonna i do to make my names please leave a COMMENT..can i be like NAJWA LATIF terpekik kat youtube..MAT LUTFI making videos full of morals..LEE CHONG WEI by playing jap..sometimes i want to ask my mother why dont she sent me to play badmintod since i was small seriously i'm so interestd in it tapi macam dhh terlambat kan maybe kalau dari dlu maybe now  can represent MALAYSIA in olympic..ahahhha...ok you can leave a big big laugh to me SILAKAN...MEREPEK..ok maybe i should done something that ppl had'nt discovered yet..ok help me please..i don't want to be the ORDINARY awatifhashim I WANT TO BE somebody in this WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pelikpelik==

Monday, January 30, 2012

technique DARWIN=)

some people dislike HISTORY...BIOLOGY..CHEMISTRY..AND PENDIDIKAN ISLAM..nilah subject yang kne mengingat..and some people prefer ADDMATH..MATHMODERN..AND PHYSICS..this is based on CONCEPT..if we understand the concept than we can answer all question kan3..menipu semua ni..penat ak paham concept math dulu tak hebat pon addmath ak..haha...but fr me i prefer on pembacaan subject yes it is much easierdan tak MENIPU..ahh seriously ak benci concept math physic..aduuuhhh tak suka gila semua tu dulu...ADD MATH MACAM NAK BUNUH DIRI..tapi kadangkadang pelik lhh dengan orang yg slalu scored in addmath macam SYUK ADELINE and NAJMUDDIN..kalau dhh scored in math of course lhh physics skali kn!!!tapi ak time gemilang addmath lalu je resah gelisah..ble cikgu ayu mau kasi marks addmath ak sempat tidor while waiting fr my name dah agak dhh mesti kat bawahbawah..jarangjarang lhh testpaper ak kat atas..haha..this is the REALITY!!!!!!!!

ehh actually this entry is about technique darwin..technique yg agak merapu but kadangkadang jadi pulak!!so fr spm candidates you can have a try kalaukalau menjadi kan!!!!!ok technique ni memang tak boleh dipraktikkan dalam subject yg berconcept kalau tak jawapannye tekeluar landasan macam AKU!!haha..tapi technique ni agak berguna fr those yg xsuka subject membaca..maybe if you try this technique boleh lhh bejaya macam ak!!!!!!!!haha #resultponxkeluarlagi dhh riak!!!!hahah..ahhh takkesahlhh..

ok technique darwin ni only can be used during exam trial or maybe EXERCISE..rmember...FIRSTLY in order to used it you must read the whole example HISTORY..GEOGRAPHY..BIOLOGY dan subject2 yg seangkatannnya..kalau nak bce tu mestilah penuh keazaman perassan bce dengan bersungguh sungguh..don't even miss one single ords sebab satu perkataan membawa padah!!!!!then time bce tu try lhh imagine kan situation..and kalau boleh buat lhh keywords..or maybe bayang knn kerabatkerabat diraja dalam textbook tu macm jiran anda or someone you dont like!!!!!!lagi cepat ingat!!!!!!!!tapi the important thing FOCUS!!!!!!

then when teacher give you questioned...frstly review all questioned first than look at the first the technique the questioned sampai terbeliak bijik mata.with full understanding+focus!!!!!lepastu try imagine about the question kehendak soalan lah tu..then look at answer choices read all the choices and remember what topic it is..kadankadang kte akan ingat balik yg bende tu kte penah bce and otak kte akan review which page it come from!!!!!!seriously trust me!!!! tapi kalau kte tak trust diri sendiri memng tak jadi lah!so the important key that i want to highlight here is TRUST OURSELF and TRUST OUR FIRST ANSWER...sebab nilah jawapan sebenar..and kalau nak tau jawapan kedua is usually wrong sebab ni jawapan syaitan..ok this is what my teacher ap2 pon trust dirisendiri and abaikan bisikan yg datang cakap the answer you chose is wrong...sebab tu untuk datangkan perasaan waswas je..ok!!!senang cerita time jawab soalan fokus+tenang add pilihjawapan!!

lastlly ad pantang larangnye technique ni..kalau boleh time buat exercise don't open u'r textbook even kawankawan bukak but you just trust urself...tau2..lastskali doa..sertakan dengan doa dan CONFIDENT..mesti berjaya INSYAALAH!!! so boleh lhh try technique ni...haha macam cikgu pulak!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


hi...umm to today nak cerita pasal expectation and reality in my spm approached  afew month back i squirmed with excitement..WOOHHHAAAAAAAA...AKU BEBAS!!!!!!HAHA..yelah after studying fr two years kn ble dhh bebas bagai nak i always imagining the things that i could do once the shining sun of FREEDOM had risen completely beyond the hill of our school days...i wanted to do everything in this world..i wanna try all single things that i haven't give a try..time tu ingat mau seronok jelah!!!!!firstly i want to catch up all my sleep..ohh itu sudah pasti..i want to watch movies especially the latest one..going hang out with my besties..take my own DRIVING LICENSE..write the whole newspaper bymyself..burned all my school book in a big BONFIRE AND lastly i want to do my craft project...actually a business!!!!!!!

but isn't it obvious that i have failed to accompolished my wishes?well probably not that miserably but tragic enough to lament over.seriously my expectation varied greatly with the reality i experience dhh macam keretaapi kluar landasan tau!!!!!!!i've practically wasted all my 24 hours just rotting in front of the cmputar endlessly surfing the internet..SAD BUT TRUE.this is the reality..SLEEP seriously i've lost more of it than i had wishes to dark eye circles are really quite a sight these days-rather fascinating.realistic enough to impersonate to PANDA BEAR..memang serupa=

movies..haha actually i dont watch it..x langsung..i feel so bored waiting time nak download tuh!!!HANG OUT ohh so DISSPOINTED..only a planned..yes memanglhh haritu ad keluar TS..but only fr a short time lagi2 ble x tengok movie pon..sebabnye under RENOVATION aduh!!!!!!!anyhow i did not burn my books in the bonfire because as you know i am such an environmentally concious person no??honestly i can't even bear imagine how much pollution i'd be contributing by burning my i make decision to keep it as my BEST MEMORIES..LOL=).then about my craft project.memang lhh mula2 goin smoothly tapi sekarang dhh STOOPP!!!it is because i am soo LAZY..see all my expectation is so varied with the reality only my driving license going smoothly..ok now i got L.HAHA..maybe in MARCH i can drive by my own.haha#perasankau!!!!!

so to wrap this up,i would presume that it's rather obvious that the rest of my plan didn't even get a chance to materialise...THEN WE KNOW THAT SOMETIMES OUR EXPECTATION ALWAYS VARIED WITH THE REALITY..#fr me it is because my laziness!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HI mr and mrs entry nak cerita pasal LIFE BOOSTER!!!!!haha apkejadahnye lhh ak p bce buku MOTIVASI SPM semalam NI LHH JADIKNYE..semangat nak berSPM semakin bekobarkobar..aduhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!kalau ad homework semalam konfim dhh completed TAPI ak dhh habis SPM aduh!!!!spe yg ad homework2 tuh cerkasi kat ak..ohhhh BOSAN!!!!!!!!

umm nilah akibatnye ble dhh bce bku MOTIVASI tp xkene time!!!!!!!!ok jom pegi kat topik balik!!!!dhh keluar landasan dhh ni...ok booster means PERANGSANG in bahasa but i like to used BOOSTER  sebab melambangkan sesuatu yg meletop..BOOSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tapi perangsang macam EIIIUUU!!!!!!!!!...aha!!!!!macam pakar motivasi pulak aiishhh x kesahlhh ..ok jugak tu

everything in our life needs EXPLOSION...DUUUSHHH..without explosion sampai ble pon tak's same with this situation kalau mak ak panggil 'OMEY PERGI BUAT ITU INI'..the thing that i always replied is...5 minutes please!!!!!!tengok tu kalau tak dipaksa confirm takbuatnye...CONFIRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.SO SUDAH TERANG LAGI BESULUH...WE NEED BOOSTER IN OUR SOAL SO KTE TAKKAN LALAI or TETINGGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ak here nak terang pasal BOOSTER..sedar x sedar kte sebenarnye banyak tertidor..YES memang ad org cakap "eh ak celik je stiap saat howcome you said ak tidor..ha!!!!!! kalau tak takan lhh boleh drive jalan g class???????????APAHAL PULAK CAKAP AK TIDOR??????????sebenarnye tidor dalam konteks lain bukan pejam mte..bedengkor tapi tidor ni sebenarnye org yg tiada booster no kejutan thats why lhh slalu kasi alasan ble org kasi kerja..then ble org lain berjaya kte yg ternganga ngaga..hummmm....ayat ni lhh yg slalu keluar ble org dhh berjaya #fr studentlah "AK MAKAN SEKAWAH DENGAN DYE....KELAS SME..CIKGU SAMA...STUDY SME...TAPI ASAL DYE BEJAYA TAPI AK??????????????jawapannye ialah kte xde BOOSTER seriously kte MALAS nak usaha..JUST TUNNGU bulan jatoh keriba...atau ingatlah WE NEED BOOSTER IN OUR LIFE THEN WE'LL GET THE SUCCESS!!!!!!!#leechongwei pon plukan booster...haha..nak jugak

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ak ada JIRAN!!!!!!!!!

seriously i don't know nak update ap lgi!!!!!jelous pulak tengok cerita syeranis..AK DH TAKTAU NAK MEREPEK MERAPAN AP!!!!!!!!!!!tapi semalam i get the TOPICS....

i got many neighbour you all pon macam tu except kalau dok dekat zoo..hutan...kutub utara..kutub boleh lhh berjiran dengan POLAR BEAR..haha..ohh this entry bukan nak mencaci kutokumpat jiran..just a STORY lahh..hhahaha..macam geram pon ad!!!!!!!

ok ths is the only neighbour yg SUKA AMBIK BERAT...AND SOMETIMES TERLALU!!!!!!oppppsss!!!!! ak tak paham lhh selalu je cakap AK TAKDE KAWAN!!TAKRETI BERKAWAN!!macam2 lhh...SO i ask your children to be friends with me of course lhh takakn...alah memang lhh everyone cakap ak ni PENDIAM...especially my neighbour lah kan..then my family uncle aunt..sometimes they ask me DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS KAT SEKOLAH????????omg!!!!!!!!!takan lhh ak nak tunjuk kat orang yg ak ni pandai berkawan need lah..sometimes ak rse better diam dari becakap then salah cakap lepastu kne PUNISH GILAGILA..ohhmyyy malu cukop..haha..thats why lhh i always zip my mouth than talkin 24 hours lets ppl who know me know who i am..jadi plastik agi bagos!!!..cewah macam artis gitu...actually this is the save way nak elakan bergadoh kot..ummMAYBE..

but my NEIGHBOUR ni slalu je x puas hati....WHAT IS THE PROBLEM MAK CIK??????DID I GIVE YOU PROBLEM FR NOT HAVE FRIENDS KAT RUMAH!!!ok if ada SORRY nak ak bawak selori kawan ak then tunjuk then bru nak puas hati...nak ke!!!!!!!!!!!!ok back to the story...yesterday i play BADMINTON dengan standard two boy..ala danish jiran jadi persoalan pulak why ak main dengan kanak-kanak!!!!!!again the same question "x de kawan ke pegilah kawan dengan ank org tu dye pon tunggu spm" i wanna give you a big...big laugh anak org tu lagi lhh dok kat rumah je..bina badan at least ak exercise lhh...

and as you know budak standard two ni is very good in BADMINTON..better than F2 students lhh..SERIOUSLY..he can play better than don't judge a book by it's cover okay..then i think play with children is much better than play with WANITAMATAU JEJAKA sebaya..haha...gedikk..x ske!!!!!!!!
then riding a bicycle around my house lagi jadi persoalan..."pegilah jogging kuros sikit"pedih cukop...macam nak cakap je hey riding a BICYCLE also is a kind of exerise lah...what!tapi i just give her a FAKE..FAKE AND FAKE SMILE..hahaha...alah plastic kan!!!!!!!!!!!

last word is sorry fr the fake what my mom says only smile when someone talk about us..haha..yes...i am not wrong selagi x kacau your family!!!kan3..selagi ak x better be at home than jalan jalan ttergedikgedik..haha...SORRY...=)OK AFTER THIS I'LL TRY MY BEST TO FIND FRIENDS KAT AREA PERUMAHAN NI..HOPE YOU'LL HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


ceh dengar tittle macam nostalgia ap ntah..biasalah nostalgia mantan mantan pelajar nih#amboi bahasa melayu...ceh..haha..everythings that i see around me sekarang nih asyik..asyik teringat ZAMAN SEKOLAH DULU..*dulu* macam dah betahun dhh x pegi sekolah tuh!!!!!!!!!!!! ini ingat maktab..tengok itu ingat kawan..ahhh.....okkk stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually today my mom and i pegi mall..ceh mall padahal pasaraya CIK JAH je..hahaha..ahh x kesahlah..nak beli groceries sedikit..huh...lama gle x keluar rumah..manataknye every day menghadap lappy..mata pon dhh ad kat idung sekarang...*jangan terima perbandingan ini ya!!!!!!ooo rupanya dah maju ye ini DUNIA..SELALU TENGOK KAT GOOGLE JER...*dialog org bunian moden gitu...hahaha

so my mom pon offer lhh "nak ap2 ambik lhh nanti mama bayar" haha bile pulak lhh ak penah bayar kan!!!!!!!!!!opppsss sorry..BEGITU PEMURAH MAMAKU YE..maklumlah semalam gaji..bukan nak beraya cina i walk in food section nak cari makanan...kat mne lagi nak pegi kan kalau x ke makanan..okk then i have a look the varieties of snck seriously make my eye  *blink blink*..ok time tu I'M HUNGRY..VERY..VERY..VERY..HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tapi ble peker balik i don't know why asal lhh ak dhh x beselera ble tengok makanan tuh..entahlhh..rse macam dhh kebal dhh kot sebab tulah makanan santapan dari PAGI sampai KEMALAM time kat maktab dulu..thats why lhh da x benafsu kat maknn..haha..kalau dulu pantang je nak balik maktab kalau boleh nak bawak seKONTENE makanan..takot habis bekalan..but now Ii had lost my APPETITE ..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....ehh asal ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! pulak AWATIF you must happy this is the only way nak KUROS.."you should say YES"..hahaha...nanti boleh jadi semua  gara-gara SUPERSTAR atira fauzi..hahaha...ak pon dhh gila..anyway sori lah makanan my STOMACH can't accept you lhh...but the owner of PASAR RAYA tu mesti risau dia BANKKRUP sebab takde lagi dhh pembeli macam ak..hahahahahahahha..nevermind nanti lepas masok u i buy lagi banyak tau..hahahahha*nak je makan lagi..hahaha..

this is the example a food that my stomach says 'NO' temporarily je kot...HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!!

LEXUS..tengok pack pon dhh takmau..ahhhh..padahal ni lhh santapan pagi kalau x ke DS..
OREO..makanan wajib time PREP....

TAMTAM or KEROPOK BANTAL..sentiasa kat belakang kelas

FRUITPLUS..teman setia di poket..without this mesti tersengguk kat kelas#like drugs 

COOKIE CRISP...ummpphh kalau bukak time class cnfirm semua mau kawan.haha

KEREPEK MEREPEK..haha makanan special time PHYSICS kau ad????

PEANUT BUTTER..ahh my favourite..time class sibok spread atas biscuit DELICIOUS
ok nih last...kalau nak senarai hui PENAT JUGAK TU!!

SMARTIES..ini i like...ainul slalu bagi...hahaha.sampai dhh taktau malu nak mintak dhh..haha

ok3...sudah..maybe fr temporarily lhh ak x ske tp lepas ni makan jugak..haaha
tapi ble tengok balik macam sedap lhh pulak..
but seriously this is the SWEET NOSTALGIA<3

Monday, January 16, 2012


ehh don't you believe me..ak pon tengok al-hijrah lah..maybe my 1st perception dlu this channel is fr org tua..and maybe not suitable fr TEENAGERS..hhahahahahah...JAHILIAH GILA= =..OK LETS GO TO THE MAIN POINT..honestly i've watch a kind of DRAMA kat tv al-hijrah and it really interesting...and awesome!!!tapi islamic dramalah..but tak kesahlah..islamic drama is better kan dari drma yg huh??????think by yourself!!!!!!!!!

the tittle of the drama is KALA TERBIT CINTA....awwww....*there must be suara2 yg cakap kau ni cinta..cinta..cinta...ok stop it!!nme pon islamic drama of course la cinta pada ALLAH..kan3...satu lagi the actress is all wearing in hijab #allthetime and the actor pon bersongkok...SEDAP SIKIT MATA MEMANDANG..UMMM...and no touchtouch ya!!!!!!!!!!!so thats why la this story is different fr the other drama kan3...sebab jaranng sunggoh nak nampak cerita begini..ceh..agak baik disitu

ok now lets move on to the main character..the hero and heroin..heronye ialah ADI PUTRA..#ohh i like very-very much...wah3..and the heroin is FAUZIAH GAUS..*MACAMNI KOT EJA...lakonan dyeorang memang ummppphhh ahhhhh......actually memang best..tak tipu...lagi..mau cerita apaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lagi this drama consist a lot of moral values...A LOT OF!!!!!!!!!

OK LAH..NO MORE THING TO SAY..I HOPE TENGOK LAH..MARI SAMA-SAMA MENYOKONG ISLAMIC it every monday to friday on tv al-hijrah channel 114....come and see*macam promo lah pulak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


doctor love!!

ok actually im not interested in FALLING IN LOVE with someone..ahh *at this time..maybe sounds SOO LAST YEAR..AHH I DON'T CARE AT ALL.....tak kesahlah..okk lets go to the main i have a short listing of the symptoms if you had falling in LOVE with someone..*merapu.. feel so excited when you get a message from him_#rasa nak panjat KLCC then lompat

2.think fr thosands time to text him.LOL

3.type_delete and type again to reply his message *bajet nak tulis yg terbaik lah;in facts org tu bace skali lalu je       xde sampai dye nak framekan ke ap!!!!!!!! feel like in HEAVEN when his FB account was in your notification..only fr liking your status..not you pon..ahaha

5.when you log in your FB then start typing his name on search box then check out what goin on his wall the chatbox wheather his online or not_then you will think a million time to start your conversation

7.if he isn't chat you then you will start 'gelabah' macam ayam by liking his post *in purpose nak bagitau yg you online..

8.if he still don't recognised you then youlah yg akn memulakan chat...ouucchh malu gila#looser..tapi bajet sje nak tegor...

9.if you run into him by a CHANCE then you will buat tak tahu tapi sebenarnye always do like nothing happened and terribally wait fr him to message you and said "hey i nampak macam you tadi kat mall"if this happened fr sure you will keep smiling fr a week or maybe a MONTH..

10.FR FIRST TIME MAKING A PHONE CALL WITH YOU..then you pun macam malu malu kambing then you'll wait fr him fr the following days...sometimes you feel like ad electric shock when your phone ring tapi last2 maxis yg hantar,,hahaha..wanna give a big laugh!!!

hurm if you have 5/10 of the symptoms then watchout you are nearly fall in love and if you don't have any one of it shout 'YEAH' you are same goes to the WRITER....oppsss!!!! ME LAH....


anyway sje je nak post entry nih..omg how can i write this damn= =anyway macam tak..ahahahaha

Sunday, January 15, 2012


HI YOU ALL...sorry for not Updating MY BLOG FR TWO DAYS...ahaha macam busy je..ahaha...sebenarnye malas gle nak memetik pon ada then im alittle bit busy pasai JASMINE..taktau lhh sapa..tapi memang hot lah gossip tu..haha..sometimes i feel like CSI ta bergaji pelak..anyway thanks to CLUB CSI PS FITRAH..YAM..FAS..EKIN..HANAFI..AND WAFI..hha sebab berjaya mmbukikan siapa dye da dlete acc fb..*ok stop ak bukan nak cerita sal JASMINE ni super duper...ini lain cerita...

i feel like crazy ble tangok badminton match TERBUKA god BLE lee chong wei BERAKSI AK MACAM NAK MASOK DALAM COURT TU...hahah...semalam di ASTRO ARENA  CHANEL 801..chong wei menang doe.1st lawan dengan taufiq hidayat then chen long..omg chen long punya la pantas......macam kilat tuh...BUT AT LAST CHONG WEI BECOME MORE..MORE AND MORE.. FASTER!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE IT...

honestly..i love your movement..lee chong wei...omg it's so AWESOME!!YOU LOOK SO COOL PLAYING even in stressed mood...MEMANG STYLE GLE AHHH...he seem so clean sebab time separuh masa pertama dye tukar baju maybe in that way he can feel more fresh kan3.....LEE CHONG WEI..memang professional gle.ahh i like the style ble dye nak test racket..omg..then he is so focus while playing smalam even set 2 kalah..tapi still main tu last set...and waktu last set even tertingal jaoh maybe one or two score but lee chong wei still have the intention to win..i can see you work so hard untuk kejar balik chenlong...ohh my are so AWESOME....i like..and i'm proud to be MALAYSIAN..

ok today is the final match...between LEE CHONG WEI and KENICHI TAGO..i hope you will do well..what ever happeed FOCUS..HAHAHA*MACAM JURULATIH PULAK..ahhh I DON'T last words chong wei good your best and make malaysia proud of you....JOM SOKONG MALAYSIA PETANG NIH!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see some of the picture match between

seriously this is the AWESOME style...from lee chong wei...

lee chong wei you look so cool while TENSION at all...
i'm got crazy watching it....
i hope you will get the same success in olympic london this JULY
i always pray fr MALAYSIAN TEAM

Thursday, January 12, 2012

i admit...I AM LAZY=

lazy like this POLAR BEAR..AWWW
today i woke up as usual lhh 6.30 am...for praying then have a short nap until 8.30..short nap?????haha nipun kucin ak yg panggil kat tngkap..kalau tak mau pkol 11..hahaha*TAPI X PENAH..HAHAHA.OK 

ehh ak ni memeang pemalas..i admit it now..malas.opppssss bukan malas nak buat housework tapi malas nak tengok tv or cerita2...dlu time before spm i quite busy nak tengok drama korean but now wait fr one minute on dah malas....WHY????????????????????????

ROUTINE ak setiap hari sama je..hahahahah...WAKE UP...TIDY UP MY HOUSE..BREAKFAST pon x buat pape...sometimes macam teringin nak tengok cerita "ROMANTIC PRINCESS" tapi setakat first eisode je rse buang masa on9 yg x buat pape pon bosan..FAIR AND SQUARE...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously i want to watch drama yg asyik plot je..sio xkan bosan macam yg ak tengok sekarang....WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?????????????kadang2 pelik pon without noone kat fb...macam org gila**********************************************************************

update..update..update blog...takkan bebulan kat rumah..i only done this...IMPOSSIBLE...twitter..ahhh bosan pulak because x d kawan pon kat situ...TWITTER IS GONNA BE FUN KALAU AD KAWAN BUT KAWAN2AK PON X DE ACC TWITTER...okk another question where my friend gone...weyh sume dhh habis spm ONLINE LHH..........sebok pulak nak keje*HASAD DENGKI IRI HATI........SO WHAT I GONNA DO NOW..BETTER BE STATUE THAN BEING ME....I FEEL LIKE I AM STATUE NOW..HAHAHA..TAK BECAKAP..TAK MAKAN AND X BEGERAK DARI LAPPY..#LAMA2 BOLEH GILA LHH....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


haha..okk today i wake up usual lhh MAID X sapu sampah dari luar sampai dala.then mop lantai..pon dari luar sampai dalam..then kemas bilik and lastly..BREAKFAST..wajib tu...hahah*okk sila puji RAJINNYE AWATIFHASHIM TU...BOLEH BUAT MENANTU..HAHAHAH..i like...okk time tengah mngemop than i think untuk post harini...ok nak story pasal kawanlah...hahahha..telupa pulak..classmate sudah...cubemate sudah...sekaramg ni ap mate pon x tau..ok PAPERMATE!!!!!!ehh spe cakap ak x d kawan banyak tau..hahaha..ok lah tengok picture dulu then i story..tunggu ya..

ok ni 'gadis pokok' kan macam kat korea gitu..hahahatengok lhh..yang bebaju biru FATIN to her HAZIQAH IBRAHIM..then ME..beside me..SITI RUHANA..and the smallesT SYERA 'Z' the smallest..haha*nada hasad dengki iri this picture nampak macam dhh habis exam kan tapi sapa tau..nasib baik pic ni x boleh bacakap tau x pic ni diambil seminggu sebelum exam SPM...GILA!!!!actually semua org kat klas a tengah kusyuk study tapi si GADIS GADIS NI STILL BEGAMBAR..hahahhaha....tengok senyuman sebelum exam besar kan.kalau nak tau time exam lagi besar..hahahah* semua still cantik...#credit to fas mne gamba2 lain yg kat wall biru tu..lepas tu yg kat surau tu..time tidor2...cer upload...

ok ni kenangan RINDU ALAM MOTEL...who love this place..HAND UP AND SHOUT...ME!!!!tapi seriosly ak rindu tengok ni gumbira semua macam becuti padahal STUDY..NI LHH SALAH CIKGU...cikgu ni tempat becuti BUKAN STUDY...ehhh sebabtulhh x boleh FOKUS..LOL..tapi anyway best..#credits to mieraman best kan..haha confirm dye cakap best nye sebab...TANYELAH DYE SENDIRI.HAHAHA..KAT RINDU ALAM AK RUMAH NURI...roomate time tu..ANA..REHAN..SYERAZI..IKIN..FALIHA.KA..T-ARE...haha...#credits to ahli rumah nuri ingat x kite dapat kejutan SPECIAL DARI MIZAHURIN di pagi hari...ngan waktu TENGAH MALAM...special kan3..haha..nasib baik pintu x pecah..haha..anyway TRAGIS GLE RUMAH NI..OK 

ni hari puteri..TEMA AP NTAH..lpe hh..tapi kalau tengok pakaian RAIHAN pasti tau ni..hahahaha...malam ni omg best..SUPERB...haha sebab ad model..#credits to raihan..ohh lpe x kenal kan mne raihan alah yg pakai baju brown tu with tudung ala2 HANA TAJIMA..she's beautiful right!!!!!ooooo..rugi kalau x cerita nampak x ad orang pakai baju kawin tu...okk ni bukan majlis kawin..!!!cantik tak????*okk jwab dalam hati....ehh taknak lhh buat dosa=)

hahaha..seronaknye...I WANT TO BE A STUDENT AGAIN......ahhh..tengok tu semua mood hapi..sebab thats night ad pasar malam...klas ak jual!!!!!!ble ad pasar malam ni lhh parangainye...x sedap duduk dalam surau ble teringat makanan kat luar..hahah..last2 keluar surau..*KONONNYE NAK KEMAS ap2 pon best tengok hh raihan ngan lia pakai telekung nak ke surau pantang tengok camera niat ke surau pon kemana..hahah#just kidding lhh..time ni ABANG ISKANDAR x azan lagi....haha
ok now the last picture kalau nak cerita semua penat nih...

ok fas lets shout 'KAMI PENGUNDI TEHORMAT'..actually harini balik cuti sem kot..hahaha..lepastu harini hari mengundi...tapi kteorang ni x siap keje khusus ADDMATH SO INGAT NO ONE LHH PERASAN KTEORANG X PERGI..hahaha...ingat macam telepas rpenye dalam  pkul 11 macamtu arr SPR datang kelas jemput mengundi..dengan RED CARPET BAGAI..ahh rpenye dyeorang ad list nma..AND CUMA KTEORANG 2 ORANG JE YG X DATANG..spoiler betol...HAHA MALU PON AD LHH SEBABA LAST KN3..HAHAHA...TAPI LAYANAN MANTAP...hahah..#credits to fas ingat x kte bincang dlu kat meja tu nak undi sapa..hahah.GILA....last-last undi rosak...TAPI UNTUNGNYE X PEGI MNGUNDI sebb nanti ad orang jemput then dapat gambar...KORANG YG UNDI AWAL2 AD DAPAT GAMBAR CAMNI...AD KE??????????HAHAH

ok dah banyak dhhh cerita kpade yg nmenye ad mention kat atas shout loudly 'AWATIF THANK YOU..I LOVE YOU HAHAH'*MACAM ARTIS GITU..HAHAHA..l

ok after read this entry jom tengok video ni wajib tau...hahaha

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND's quite amazing me,the front page picture of pupils rushing to buy food during recess at PRIMARY SCHOOL is was like FREE-FOR-ALL...i hope that i am not the only person who is shocked..=)

is this what we know accept as 'normal' for MALAYSIAN...OH NO..NO..NO..the ppl should queue up in line to buy food not like 'SERBU' the canteen when the bell rang.and where is the prefect who should play their role to control the condition...

in fact if they do notlearn to queue in formative years,they will never do so in adult it's time fr teachers,pricipal and also prefect to carry out their responsible to handle this situation if not malaysia will have new generation without manners!!!!!!


all people have a dreamt to be a prefect...OKKK i admit it....*ak pon nak..honestly since primary school and now i had finished being a secondary school dremt of becoming a only a dream...asal time sekolah rendah ak x jadi pengawas ar..nak cakap x baik......????ehhh BAIK gila...PENDIAM?????mungkin kot...TAK PANDAI??????ehh pandai je...*PERASAN DISITU=x d lah pandai mana ak ni selalu dalam kawasan SELAMAT...PELIKLAH..ak ni dhh la x jahat....x pernah la pulak buat kes BUNUH ORANG...x pernah masuk keluar mahkamah..hahaha...gila==tp maybe cikgu memilih bulu kot mne taknye sekolah ak tu 50% anak cikgu...sikit2 anak cikgu...situ sini...anak CIKGU..besepah sepah....*actually this is gossip yg slalu timbul kat sekolah....HOT seriously lhh specialities only fr ANAK CIKGU..yang lain only TONGKAT DAGU PANDANG LANGIT...LAST2 TENGOK YEAY SEKOLAH HABIS....

actually ak nak jadi prefect sebab BAJU..yelah they have their own uniform ble pakai baju lain sikit nampak VOKE tau..glamour gitu!!!tp until now x dapat pon pakai baju pengawas colour maroon tu...tudung maroon kain maroon.....umm another reason i want to be prefect sebb perception ppl that prefect seem CLEVER...tapi mostly x pon..haha*PENOH HASAD DENGKI DAN IRI HATI...EHHH...SORRY AK bukan pengawas pon pandai je???????so what..haha*x puas hati lagi even dhh besar haha...

tpi kn3..pengawas time primary school LOOSER gila..seriously..BELAGAK no satu..tambah2 time jaga kelas...dyeorg buat macam mngembala KELDAI..HAHAHA.....bising sikit ambil nama...tapi asal ak takot kat pengawas dulu padahal bkan ad tindakan pon..ak ni pon bodoh..ahh malu ble ingat balik..awwwwwwwtp seriously time dulu2 pengawas tanpa note book x sah..maklumlah nak ambik nama..kan sini sana pegang buku ayat dyeorg mesti sama "siapa bising nanti ak ambik nama pastu hanta kat 'ibu'(guru besar)" ble dengar ayat tu semua teketar2 takot haha...betol tak????????????????????????

oookkkk after standard 6 i can accept the fate that ak ni bukanlah seorang pengawas.....yeah memang bukan...but the dremt of becoming prefect time secondary school pon macam dah gelap...hahahah....*sebab ak pon dah macam tidak until now ak bukan lhh prefect or bwp...and bla..bla..bla...but praised to god sebb x pernah bagi chance kalau tidak ak mesti ak DIBENCI..DICACI..DIMAKI..I CAN'T IMAGINE THE SITUATION WHEN SOMEBODY SHOUT AT ME "AWATIFHASHIM LOSER"..*ala macam ak ngan kawan2 ku slalu cakap HAHA..*MEMANG XKN AD PON..

Monday, January 9, 2012

when she act like DATIN WANNABE

okk last wednesday my first sis come back home or a holiday before goin praktical..but its a little bit wastessebab nanti CHINESE NEW YEAR..balik lagi but maybe she's has her own reason..opsss sori im not jelous lah..haha *karang cakap x kasi balik pulak kan susah...

ooohhh x taulah lately ni she's always out  of MONEY.....i just wanna ask you WHERE YOUR PTPTN???????????.so i made some OBSERVATION...*observation INFERENCE..CONCLUSION...HYPOTHESIS..METHOD SEKALI...HAHAHAHA..NAK..METHOD..MENGENDAP.....based on my experiment i can see she had wastes alot of money to but branded things....ok nothing wrong to buy those thing but like VERNS BAGAI...tapi berpada-pada lah kan like the idioms 'UKUR BAJU DIBADAN SENDIRI' OR THE NEW ONE 'UKUR BAJU BIAR FIT TO BODY' OKKKK....*kita bukannye org kaya you know!!!kau tahu x fr this month my mom kne bank in 700...FOR THIS MONTH ONLY...gila ka??????????oooohhh actually im not jealous anymore but at once she had blame me fr being waste buy food and my things while im still in hostel but now SEE who is more EXTRAVAGANT....kau kan...just admit it sis....

ok now let change the story..BEHAVIOR...UMMMM.lately xtaw lhh why ak rse she's belagak gle..and sombong...senang cerita she always pandang rendah kat orang..hey stop it..ak benci org camtu...but i can't hate my my own family member kan3...haha..i can see the real of him while we goin out yesterday..BERJALAN MENDADA BAGAI..MACAM DATIN GITU..but sorry...

okk yesterday kan we are goin out to MARKET and had some grocery sikit..then time kat market tu ad org jual tudong then she ask fr one..omg..please lhh tudong kau dhh banyak lhh..perlu je nak beli lagi..x reti bejimat lhh kau ni...memang lhh tudong tu just rm 10..BUT FOR ME IT STILL WORTH TAU....maybe i feel like that because i know my family financial problem lhh mne x problemnye fr this month kne spend money almost RM 1000 fr my drivig untuk benda2 yg x penting x payah lhh nak membazir sangat...tudong is not KEPERLUAN but about it..and p/s dont think like standard one student...

then pergi avon pulak oohh bukan again she ask my mom to buy her celak bagai...yeah i know mak aku mestilah x sampai hati nak cakap NO kan sebab...ENTAH i just zip my mouth...nanti cakap sibok pulak..seriously ak x beminat pon nak belek make up kejadah i just standing like tiang kat situ and just wait..pilih punye pilih last2 dye ambik 2 2 mata 2 celak ea..oo macamtu..ingt ak looser sangat pasal make up make up ni.hah????????nak tau x each celak tu RM 12.40.. AND THE TOTAL PRICE IS RM 24.80...BANYAKAN,,BAZIRKAN....dhh la mama yg kne bayar..okk kalau x d duit can you act macam x d duit boleh..jangan nak belagak sangat...sebelum lpe pakai celak banyakmne pon x betambah mata kau dua jugak tambah berat x cantik pn..haha..rmmber 3 inche make up does not make you beautiful but manners yg kasi kau cantik, so take time to think!!!!=)

then we went home while reading newspaper at living room then my mom whisper at me about my sis...and what i gonna replied????????????????????????so i just give a FAKE smile because i lost my words maybe sebab geram sangat kot..hahaha..ok last words entry ni bukan nak memburok-burokan sesape but nak cakap moral of the storynye jgnlah membazir..think about our parents..maybe sometimes they don't says anything because they want to give the best to their child kan..maybe i did this just nak bagi dye sear..yup memang kadang2 ak pon macam tu..tanpa disedari then i can take this story to behave myself..haha..lastly to my sis jangan jadi annoying sangat time cakap phone honestly ak x ske lhh..kau cakap eee manja2..eeiiiiuuu...dengan pompuan taknak pulak...ok lah time to so sorry if i am too much...and sorry lhh...kalu you dont mean that....

Saturday, January 7, 2012



today as usual on 8.00 pm kne lh tengok BULETIN UTAMA kan...alah sebab my mom suruh she always said 'AWATIF U SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WHAT GOIN AROUND U' nak x nak kne lhh spent mse almost 1 hour melangut kedinding..konon2 tengok tv..hahaha....#sorry CIK YAT KADANG2 JE....

BUT TODAY SOMETHING ATTRACT MY INTENTION TO LOOKON THE SCREEN...oooo actually about pembiakan tikus....oooo biasalah tikuskan membiak cepat gle...pastu jangkahayat pon panjang....dua tahun tau...omg..hha..that's why lhh kat kl especially banyak gle tikus..and no wonder lhh kalau kte boleh jumpa a variety sizes of rat.....hha..seriously teringin nak to EKIN SAIDIN...nak tengok TIKOS TAK???????jommmmmmmm...

hahahaa...seriously ak memang interested gle ngan campaign yg start launch hari ni....'SERINGGIT,SEEKOR TIKOS'...sound awkward but its good in order to decreasing rat population...maybe...if we practised this step 10 years frm now there no more rat...opppssss how next generation know which is rat???????????maybe they will ask us DOES RAT HAS LARGE EAR LIKE ELEPHANT????? DOES RAT HAS TAIL LIKE COW?????? so how we goona answer this weird question???????THINKKK.... nowadays kan banyak gle penyakit sitikus ni...oooo cuti2 ni i can't go on holidayvacation kat SUNGAI2..SO X KESAHLAH CUTI PON KAN DAH HABIS......lagi nak cakap ap to government fr giving SIPENUNGGU-PENUNGGU SPM NI KERJA...EVEN JUST CATch bukan lah ak yg nak buat...x sanggop oowwhhh....meredah belukar...tong sampah segala bagai....oooiii tak mau ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

ok3...hahaha...last point sbnarnye nak citer sal prof veterina tadi...macm best je buat reasearch sal i admired you..i wanna be like you..ANNOUNCEMENT to all tikus...wait for DR.AWATIF YA..HAHAHAH...AMIN=)

Friday, January 6, 2012


have u guys heard a song by SELENA GOMEZ'S..WHO SAID..seriously it is inspirational me!!!!'S lyrics its so awesome with it nice tune...haha..the song is remarkablely about yourself and feeling matter how other people think about just to give inspiration fr those who had bad persecption on theirself..LOL..but seriosly...i think selena gomez is the one who is more positive starlets out their right now..the message from the song really amazing 'who says you're not perfect????' 'who says you're not worth it..???'

the lyric are awesome.because it means nobody is perfect and you should'nt judge people...yesss i really agree with this..nobody can judge people but before that they hve to judge theirselves FIRST...WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..THE LINE 'WHO SAYS YOU DONT PASS THE TEST,WHO SAYS YOU CAN BE THE BEST' are intended fr those of us who are less than motivated...=)

selena got inspiration from her facebooks and twitter which she can get a thousand f positive and negative wonderful no wonderlhh if the lyric is so mendalam...hahaha...but seriously this song will boost our confidence and self-esteem instead of talking about or crushed..but selena have dane a great job when she sang with quite passion!!! 'i'm no beauty queen,i'm just beautiful me,you've got every right to a beautiful life'SHE SHOW THAT IS CAPABLE OF DOING A WELL-HARSH INSPIRATIONAL POP ANTHEM!!!!


 WAIT...I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE...seriously no preparation lhh....hahaha..actually hari entry is about something that i hope in 2012..maybe it easy to get..TAPI X KESAHLAH.....HAHAHA...

OOOOHHH I REALLY WANTS BOOK...OOO..not BIOLOGY book segala bagai...but only english storybooks...oooohooo..seriously since spm i really like to read CHICKENSOUP FR THE SOUL and WIMPY KIDS DIARIES...the story in that book is really awesome and they're given me the inspiration to write essay during spm and those entry in this blog...ummm thankyou a lot...


okkk...i hape when i received  RM50 frm my mom as 'MAID' payment i will buy I AM A MAID???????????????????????????????????HAHAHA...ENTAHLAH...MAYBE I'M THE FIRST MAID IN MALAYSIA WHO HAS BLOG..HAHAHAH....GILA======...

LASTLY I GONNA SHOUT TO MY MOM 'MAMA CAN U INCREASE MY SALARY FOR THIS MONTH...I PROMISE I WILL DO MORE..MORE AND MORE WORK...OK....'CAN I....tapi work ap nak buat...makan tidor online update status..update blog...cuci rumah..mop lantai..cuci tandas...sapu sampah..ok i'll do all of that but i dont want..basoh baju...sidai...lipat...huh...I DONT LIKE.....OKAY...YOU AGREE WITH ME...*MACAM MAK AK NAK BACA..HAHA..JUST JOKKING...




Thursday, January 5, 2012



actually i want to write about my add math class with teacher ayu....she is the FUNNIEST TEACHER SERIOUSLY BUT SHE'D NEVER LAUGH OF HER FUNNY WORDS...HAHAHAHA..till now i dont know why...maybe to get respect from students..??????MAYBE....ummmmm ak taktaulhh betapa garangnye mke CIKGU AYU...i still feel sleepy in her class...hahahaha...even kne perli sepedas-pedasnye..tapi seriously ONE week tu entah i also dont understand why ak asyik TESENGGOK JE TIME KLAS DYE....OMG..malu cukop..but kenangan kan...ummm.hahahah....I WILL NOT FORGET THE MOMENTS BILA KENA PERLI NGAN DYE TIME TESENGGOK TU TILL DEATH...HAHAHAHA...tapi taktawlah asal ble ak tesenggok je cikgu mesti NAMPAK...hahaha...pikah kat sebelah pon x pulak...hahahah...makne nye dye stalk ak leeteew..hahaha gila====

but the best moments is when she's make a STATEMENT..tekejot gle ble dye cakap SHAUQI HENSEM....HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAA...tapi time tu semua cover nak gelak..maybe we WERE SCARED.hahaha...syauqi pon BLUSHIN GILA===..HAHAHA...AYAT YG X BOLEH TAHAN CAMNI...'KALAU SYE LHH UMUR AWAK DHH LAMA SYE NGORAT SYAUQI'*WITH HER SERIOUS EXPRESSION...HAHAHAHA..MEMANG LAWAK LHH CIKGU AYU....since statement tu lah gossip syauqi naik...hahahaha....ok...seriously imiss u all...5D AND ALL MY TEACHER...


OPPPSS....TARIK NAFAS......HEMBOSSSSS.....ok huh after bce entry ainul suddenlyteremmber pulak time kat class gle...hahaha..EVERYDAY ad tUrn beli OREO....DOUBLE favourite i dont no why lpas spm ni hahhaa...dhh x suka.....weird lhh...haha...actually kat meja ak penuh dengan tin biskut...JACOB&TIGER...lepas tu ad JEM&PEANUT BUTTER...hha senang nak spread time cikgu ngajor...opsssss.....nak elak ketiduran je..hha

FITRAH...KA..REVAN..AINUL..LIA..AND ME TOO...NILAH MUKA2 YG SUKA CURI2 MAKAN...HAHA...everytime makan especially time english..physic x penah pon pikah asal makan je mesti kantoi tu lh x belajor teknik makn sorok-sorok....tpkan waktu klas bm kteorng diHARAMKAN asal klas bm ja..x sedap dudok lhh badan...a thousand times ak boleh menguap x kesahlah...makan tetap makan...asal ad take5 je...kluar bawak tin biskut makan....tulah..MAKAN..MAKAN..AND...MAKAN...maybe sbb dulu dhh banyak makan sekarang dah xd selara kat rumah...hha...

actually ak ad balang tulis TIME TO ble OREO dhh sampai kat TIME TO REFILL i will shout...TIME TO REFILL...HHA..ACTUALLY kalu amik 2 tiga oreo pon dhh sampai..time to memang best..TIME SHARING FOOD.....UUMMMM...I MISS THIS TIME!!!!!!!!...HAHA...THANKS TO MY FRIENDS WHO ALWAYS SHARES FOOD WITH ME..HHA...I LOVE YOU....AND I REALLY MISS THAT MOMENTS....UMMMM....


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


HHA...nowadays the blond fashion had become a trend in malaysian especially to YOUNG MALAY girl...seriously i dont know why...can u tell me...arent you look awesome in that style????aren't you look FASHIONISTA...CER CITE..maybe this type of fashion seems ordinary to them but don't they ever think about their look..did they even compared their hair with their original ones...TRULY I SAID THE ORIGINAL ONES IS BETTER OK...MOST OF PPL LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR ORIGINAL HAIR..THE BLACK ONES....TRUST ME!!!!!LOL....

MAYBE some of the readers would thinks that i am SO LAST YEAR because dont following the fashion but as you know i also follow fashion but IN DIFFERENT opinion is fashion is not only for HAIR,,,SEXY CLOTHES...and specific for free hair ppl...NOT....THIS PERCEPTION IS TOTALLY WRONG.....HIJAB STYLE also is a kind of why you not you accept that style...i am sure you'll be more and more and more BEARTIFUL..AND..AWESOME!

then i would like to talk about the behaviour of colouring their nails...ummm maybe its look beautiful..maybe fr ppl around 25 or 26 i dont mind if they did this because they are matured and can think in positive and negative site yap!! BUT FOR TEENAGERS WHO STILL IN A 'STUDENT' TITTLE it is not proper okayyy....i don't know why the youngsters now is really interested to did this maybe they look FASHIONISTA..LIKE BUDAK BANDAR...but think as a student you 've to follow what????????yes RULESSSSS...RMMMBER..HAHAHAHA...actually no one can run from rules or displine teacher because THEY ALWAYS RUN AFTER YOU...HHA...i wanna give a big laugh to them who did this...BHHAAAHHHAHAHHAAA'

UMMM..OKKK...lastly i would like to advice family...omg like physicology played their role in order to behave their child...THINK THIS IS FR THEM NOT FOR YOU...REMEMBER NEVER GIVE 'CHANCE' TO U;R CHILD AS TEEN OR SAID 'ALAH SEKALI SEUMOR HIDUP' BECAUSE IT IS NONSENSE....HAHAH<3


SINCERELY now i can accp the fate that most of my friend dhh masok u but TODAY the feelin of MENYAMPAH...X SUKA..MACAM NAK MENCARUT...comes again after azren make a status citer sal kat upm..ap dye blajar...hey i gonna shout to u....'WEYH KAU YG BLAJA AN X PAYAH LHH NAK TULIS KOD PLAJARAN BAGAI' JANGAN NAK BAJET PROF LA KAT DPN KTEORG YG STILL MNUNGGU KAT UMAH......weyh ak x tau lhh asal ak x ske kau .ak macam nak kasi tau sedunia nak cakap......

weyh kau sedar x skarg pon i can see most of my friends yg still kat rumah macam ak feel disgusting gle ble kau buat status nak menunjuk tu,,maybe u not mean that but??????thinklah....lpas kau buat status tu ramai tau post video give up lhh....seriously org macam ak ni rse dhh macam xd FUTURE it's good if u dont repeat it again or better x yah on9 lah kalau nak sakitkan hati org je...ok...please rmmber...


last words that i would say to u i am so sorry fr my mistakes and i hope no more post about ur study that will make ppl dont like you like what i've done......= =

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


seriously i dont agree with this action....yup...they are they should keep on studying and not get involved in political issue...arent im x kesahlah i think the behave like that because student nowadays is like 'ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh;..maYBE I AM TOO YOUNG TO TALK LIKE THIS..but each ppl have their own perception about this topic and as a matured ones u should accept people perception...LOL..

AS THE MATURED ONES..dont they think that thats no points doing demonstarating...hha...sincerely it just wastin your TIME...and energy too BECAUSE NOONE WILL HEAR THEIR VOICE..HHA..when i heard this issue i like to give them a BIG..BIG..BIG laugh...hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa...dont they think that child in standard one also can think better than watchout...

ummmm....sometimes i feel depressed with them for getting involve in immoral a WANNA-BE-TEACHER they should practise a good manner as they will be the example for the next quite amazed me....hha....

umm i dont know why this question keep puzzling my mind...'how can an immoral teacher teaching their student to mind their manners...did they knew the idiom 'like father like son' ok i changed it 'like teacher like student'..ooooo so if they stiill dont changed and we can see malaysian future would be if u want the new generation to follow ur step keep it up ur bad manners and see what will happen 10 years from now on...THINK CAREFULLY PEEPS...

lastly...sorry if i am too HARSH..but this is the way for me too impressed my feeling..hope all readers dont mind with my BROKEN..BROKENN,AND BROKEN english....and dont mind about my CRITICS..just now=)

Monday, January 2, 2012


UHHH...smoke here and there...eiiii BUSUKLAH....sseriously i don like this situation..and i dont like to watch girls smoking as well boys...they look very jerk when smoking..u know...hummm....actually i dont know why smoking is becoming a fashion nowadays...i just want to ask a QUESTION...DO THEY LOOK FASHIONISTA WHEN SMOKING OR HAD A CIGGARETE IN THEIR HAND OR MOUTH???????WHAT DID THEY FEEL WHEN SMOKING????

CALMED???but seriously people around u fell jerk with u...pleased realised it lhh....


HOPES means the feelin of wanting somethin to happenand thinkin that it will..while wishes is a hope to be HAPPY..all of this is normally happen on the first month of every i'm RIGHT..

YUP everything is possible to happen so we should have the strength to make it as a REALITY..MUST..MUST..MUST.....maybe some of us did not achieve our resolution last year SO WHY NOT we make it now this YEAR...x salah kan???????

hha...for me i had fulfill my 2011 resolution...hha it's just a simple resolution lahhhhh....actuallymy 2011 resolution is tosit for SPM successfully ummm eventhough the result is still inprogress but i had achieved it 50% right..i dont mind about the result as i had work hard in the morning till midnight studying and i had done something that i ever done before only god can make it now RIGHT...BUT REALLY I DONT MIND WITH MY result????????TIPU LEETEEW....HHA IM GOIN CRAZY WAITIN FOR U LHH...RESULT..<3

my 2012 resolution quite puzzeled me..ummmmm i take a long period of time to make it..oooookkk i get 1 st resolution is of course i want to pass my SPM with flying colours kan...masti nak ni....AMIN =)
then i want to apply for ASASI...maybe at upm as i really have interest in BIOTECT OR FARMING...HHA..*dont laugh..TRULY until now i still confused about the path after SPM..i dont know what should i do.HOW??WHERE??WHICH??WHEN??WHO??? BUT thank to my friend..sister..parents..neighbour..teacher and my senior for KEEP GOING ON giving me thE information..whitout you all maybe at this time im still in credits to FITRAH ZAINAL..MY SISTER..AND MY SENIOR for solving my problem and give me the true way to grabbed my future..

THEN i want to be a good daughter towards my parents and family and MY PROMISES is i wanna litter anywhere....hum...that's all.hopefully i will fullfill my resolution before the end of if i want to achieve all of this i need to hold this princip 'IF ONE DOOR CLOSED,THE OTHER IS STILL OPEN' so i must find another way when dealing with problem...that all lhh..bye 2011...NOW I TURN TO A NEW AWATIF OKKAYYYYYY..