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Monday, January 2, 2012


HOPES means the feelin of wanting somethin to happenand thinkin that it will..while wishes is a hope to be HAPPY..all of this is normally happen on the first month of every i'm RIGHT..

YUP everything is possible to happen so we should have the strength to make it as a REALITY..MUST..MUST..MUST.....maybe some of us did not achieve our resolution last year SO WHY NOT we make it now this YEAR...x salah kan???????

hha...for me i had fulfill my 2011 resolution...hha it's just a simple resolution lahhhhh....actuallymy 2011 resolution is tosit for SPM successfully ummm eventhough the result is still inprogress but i had achieved it 50% right..i dont mind about the result as i had work hard in the morning till midnight studying and i had done something that i ever done before only god can make it now RIGHT...BUT REALLY I DONT MIND WITH MY result????????TIPU LEETEEW....HHA IM GOIN CRAZY WAITIN FOR U LHH...RESULT..<3

my 2012 resolution quite puzzeled me..ummmmm i take a long period of time to make it..oooookkk i get 1 st resolution is of course i want to pass my SPM with flying colours kan...masti nak ni....AMIN =)
then i want to apply for ASASI...maybe at upm as i really have interest in BIOTECT OR FARMING...HHA..*dont laugh..TRULY until now i still confused about the path after SPM..i dont know what should i do.HOW??WHERE??WHICH??WHEN??WHO??? BUT thank to my friend..sister..parents..neighbour..teacher and my senior for KEEP GOING ON giving me thE information..whitout you all maybe at this time im still in credits to FITRAH ZAINAL..MY SISTER..AND MY SENIOR for solving my problem and give me the true way to grabbed my future..

THEN i want to be a good daughter towards my parents and family and MY PROMISES is i wanna litter anywhere....hum...that's all.hopefully i will fullfill my resolution before the end of if i want to achieve all of this i need to hold this princip 'IF ONE DOOR CLOSED,THE OTHER IS STILL OPEN' so i must find another way when dealing with problem...that all lhh..bye 2011...NOW I TURN TO A NEW AWATIF OKKAYYYYYY..

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