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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


HHA...nowadays the blond fashion had become a trend in malaysian especially to YOUNG MALAY girl...seriously i dont know why...can u tell me...arent you look awesome in that style????aren't you look FASHIONISTA...CER CITE..maybe this type of fashion seems ordinary to them but don't they ever think about their look..did they even compared their hair with their original ones...TRULY I SAID THE ORIGINAL ONES IS BETTER OK...MOST OF PPL LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR ORIGINAL HAIR..THE BLACK ONES....TRUST ME!!!!!LOL....

MAYBE some of the readers would thinks that i am SO LAST YEAR because dont following the fashion but as you know i also follow fashion but IN DIFFERENT opinion is fashion is not only for HAIR,,,SEXY CLOTHES...and specific for free hair ppl...NOT....THIS PERCEPTION IS TOTALLY WRONG.....HIJAB STYLE also is a kind of why you not you accept that style...i am sure you'll be more and more and more BEARTIFUL..AND..AWESOME!

then i would like to talk about the behaviour of colouring their nails...ummm maybe its look beautiful..maybe fr ppl around 25 or 26 i dont mind if they did this because they are matured and can think in positive and negative site yap!! BUT FOR TEENAGERS WHO STILL IN A 'STUDENT' TITTLE it is not proper okayyy....i don't know why the youngsters now is really interested to did this maybe they look FASHIONISTA..LIKE BUDAK BANDAR...but think as a student you 've to follow what????????yes RULESSSSS...RMMMBER..HAHAHAHA...actually no one can run from rules or displine teacher because THEY ALWAYS RUN AFTER YOU...HHA...i wanna give a big laugh to them who did this...BHHAAAHHHAHAHHAAA'

UMMM..OKKK...lastly i would like to advice family...omg like physicology played their role in order to behave their child...THINK THIS IS FR THEM NOT FOR YOU...REMEMBER NEVER GIVE 'CHANCE' TO U;R CHILD AS TEEN OR SAID 'ALAH SEKALI SEUMOR HIDUP' BECAUSE IT IS NONSENSE....HAHAH<3

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