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Monday, January 16, 2012

doctor love!!

ok actually im not interested in FALLING IN LOVE with someone..ahh *at this time..maybe sounds SOO LAST YEAR..AHH I DON'T CARE AT ALL.....tak kesahlah..okk lets go to the main i have a short listing of the symptoms if you had falling in LOVE with someone..*merapu.. feel so excited when you get a message from him_#rasa nak panjat KLCC then lompat

2.think fr thosands time to text him.LOL

3.type_delete and type again to reply his message *bajet nak tulis yg terbaik lah;in facts org tu bace skali lalu je       xde sampai dye nak framekan ke ap!!!!!!!! feel like in HEAVEN when his FB account was in your notification..only fr liking your status..not you pon..ahaha

5.when you log in your FB then start typing his name on search box then check out what goin on his wall the chatbox wheather his online or not_then you will think a million time to start your conversation

7.if he isn't chat you then you will start 'gelabah' macam ayam by liking his post *in purpose nak bagitau yg you online..

8.if he still don't recognised you then youlah yg akn memulakan chat...ouucchh malu gila#looser..tapi bajet sje nak tegor...

9.if you run into him by a CHANCE then you will buat tak tahu tapi sebenarnye always do like nothing happened and terribally wait fr him to message you and said "hey i nampak macam you tadi kat mall"if this happened fr sure you will keep smiling fr a week or maybe a MONTH..

10.FR FIRST TIME MAKING A PHONE CALL WITH YOU..then you pun macam malu malu kambing then you'll wait fr him fr the following days...sometimes you feel like ad electric shock when your phone ring tapi last2 maxis yg hantar,,hahaha..wanna give a big laugh!!!

hurm if you have 5/10 of the symptoms then watchout you are nearly fall in love and if you don't have any one of it shout 'YEAH' you are same goes to the WRITER....oppsss!!!! ME LAH....


anyway sje je nak post entry nih..omg how can i write this damn= =anyway macam tak..ahahahaha


ainul saadah shuhaimi said...

kalau org tu perempuan macam mana?tkkan jatoh cinta dngan perempuan kot..haha*lawak ja
btw,mana hang tau eh?ad pengalaman laa tu..awal ashaari huh?haha
ngaku jelahh!


macam2 lhh respons org becinta..alah kawan2 kte tu..haha