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Saturday, January 28, 2012


hi...umm to today nak cerita pasal expectation and reality in my spm approached  afew month back i squirmed with excitement..WOOHHHAAAAAAAA...AKU BEBAS!!!!!!HAHA..yelah after studying fr two years kn ble dhh bebas bagai nak i always imagining the things that i could do once the shining sun of FREEDOM had risen completely beyond the hill of our school days...i wanted to do everything in this world..i wanna try all single things that i haven't give a try..time tu ingat mau seronok jelah!!!!!firstly i want to catch up all my sleep..ohh itu sudah pasti..i want to watch movies especially the latest one..going hang out with my besties..take my own DRIVING LICENSE..write the whole newspaper bymyself..burned all my school book in a big BONFIRE AND lastly i want to do my craft project...actually a business!!!!!!!

but isn't it obvious that i have failed to accompolished my wishes?well probably not that miserably but tragic enough to lament over.seriously my expectation varied greatly with the reality i experience dhh macam keretaapi kluar landasan tau!!!!!!!i've practically wasted all my 24 hours just rotting in front of the cmputar endlessly surfing the internet..SAD BUT TRUE.this is the reality..SLEEP seriously i've lost more of it than i had wishes to dark eye circles are really quite a sight these days-rather fascinating.realistic enough to impersonate to PANDA BEAR..memang serupa=

movies..haha actually i dont watch it..x langsung..i feel so bored waiting time nak download tuh!!!HANG OUT ohh so DISSPOINTED..only a planned..yes memanglhh haritu ad keluar TS..but only fr a short time lagi2 ble x tengok movie pon..sebabnye under RENOVATION aduh!!!!!!!anyhow i did not burn my books in the bonfire because as you know i am such an environmentally concious person no??honestly i can't even bear imagine how much pollution i'd be contributing by burning my i make decision to keep it as my BEST MEMORIES..LOL=).then about my craft project.memang lhh mula2 goin smoothly tapi sekarang dhh STOOPP!!!it is because i am soo LAZY..see all my expectation is so varied with the reality only my driving license going smoothly..ok now i got L.HAHA..maybe in MARCH i can drive by my own.haha#perasankau!!!!!

so to wrap this up,i would presume that it's rather obvious that the rest of my plan didn't even get a chance to materialise...THEN WE KNOW THAT SOMETIMES OUR EXPECTATION ALWAYS VARIED WITH THE REALITY..#fr me it is because my laziness!!!!!

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