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Friday, January 6, 2012


have u guys heard a song by SELENA GOMEZ'S..WHO SAID..seriously it is inspirational me!!!!'S lyrics its so awesome with it nice tune...haha..the song is remarkablely about yourself and feeling matter how other people think about just to give inspiration fr those who had bad persecption on theirself..LOL..but seriosly...i think selena gomez is the one who is more positive starlets out their right now..the message from the song really amazing 'who says you're not perfect????' 'who says you're not worth it..???'

the lyric are awesome.because it means nobody is perfect and you should'nt judge people...yesss i really agree with this..nobody can judge people but before that they hve to judge theirselves FIRST...WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..WAJIB..THE LINE 'WHO SAYS YOU DONT PASS THE TEST,WHO SAYS YOU CAN BE THE BEST' are intended fr those of us who are less than motivated...=)

selena got inspiration from her facebooks and twitter which she can get a thousand f positive and negative wonderful no wonderlhh if the lyric is so mendalam...hahaha...but seriously this song will boost our confidence and self-esteem instead of talking about or crushed..but selena have dane a great job when she sang with quite passion!!! 'i'm no beauty queen,i'm just beautiful me,you've got every right to a beautiful life'SHE SHOW THAT IS CAPABLE OF DOING A WELL-HARSH INSPIRATIONAL POP ANTHEM!!!!

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