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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BAZAR si GEDUNG makanan

ohh bazar don't you know how much i love you..ohh not RAMADAN yet eh tak kisahlah just pretending we are fasting now..blurpblurp!!!hati gembira gembira bila dapat pegi bazaar ohh my setelah seharian puasa so this is the time nak puaskan nafsu MAKAN..memang terpesong..
this is my expression whenever i step at bazar..even secara HARAM.=)

actually kalau nak pergi bazar kne ikut turn wakil kelas lah kirenye so kepada mangsa mangsa yg kne pergi tu balik confirm confirm dhh macam pokok KRISMAS..hahaha..btw my turn is on tuesday tapi kalau free hari hari pergi secara haram lah..haha..pergi hri selasa yes memang penat because what kelas gemilang add math dhh la habis pukul 5.30 and sometimes 6.00 so selagi tecer raja tak cakap habis so bye bye bus..but sometimes oppsss most of the times sempat jugak pegi tapi lepas je classs macam ad marathon kejar cik you can see how i love bazaarrr..ahahah..sangat!!!!!!!!'macam filem bollywood pulak'

so ble dhh sampai bazar kampung gajah damn wangi gle..but the best things pegi bazar hari selasa ni because tak ramai tempah sebab semua 'sibok' dengan addmath..i guess=)so takde lah sibok sangat kan this is some of food yang popular and WAJIB WAJIB WAJIB!!!

popia: RM 1 fr three..

roti bom-wah soo delicioussss

air air ni...slluurrpp

roti john..makan 3 hari pun tak habis..tipu tipu

ok dah dah!!!!actually kalau nak list tak terlist haha..roti arbab takde lah google pon tk jmpe eh tak kisah lah..tapi time ramadan bazar make me smile and make my purse thin thinner and thinnest..ahaha..but the best moment ble tengok meja kat ds penuh dengan makanan..ohh meja ak lah yg paling lambat say bye bye kat DS sampailah abang iskandar memekih haha..anyway thumbs up to FAS ROHANA FALIHA sebab sudi habiskan duit bersama..hahaha=)

this how i look like lepas bukak puasa...i'm goozillas
ohh how come nak TERAWIH ni

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


who am i in the FUTURE??? DOCTOR..TEACHER...CHEF..or bla bla bla..ha biasalah ble result dah around around the corner ni everyday is about result..i can feel my adrenaline burst..BOOOOMMMMM!! ha maybe there is a voice said 'i am too early to think about it' OH 'don't you think you are too LATE???? so let have some discussion about our MYSTERIOUS FUTURE..

A BAD BEGINNING MAKE A BAD ENDING!!hah how was my test paper..ARE YOU OK??(hey hey don't be a pessimist) so as we still got time to improve our beginning let make some preparation in order to face the SCARY RESULT..maybe we should plan our path after SPM???

UMM..yesterdayi had googleing something about future at .tysm fr the admin fr giving me such precious information.about scholarship and some courses..btw i had found the suitable career fr me!!!!! fr those who still confused about path after spm go and check now!!!!!!!!

'i am riding the scary ROLLERCOASTER OF LIVE' hewhew

Friday, February 24, 2012

on off on off

cantik tak kakak ni?????????

sekejap on sekejap off..ehh do you think ni suis lampu ke apa but this is the reality that happened on youngmalays girl..sukasuka hati je nak pakai or bukak tudung...ahh i don't understand why they done this best kah...*gaye macam ustazah tak..uummm

hey me kalau nak on off tudung is better free hair je..much easier right ohh lpe free hair dapat tayang rambut blond tu kan kan kan..haha..but fr student especially tak payah lah nak blonde hair sangat then hari isnin tak datang sekolah takot ad spotcheck..lepastu buat alasan sakit perut..ha this is the true story yg ak dengar time makcik makcik i wanna ask you seronok free hair..blonde hair..CANTIK TAK...ohh PENAT kan lari sne stop being hypocrite person*gye macam i am too PERFECT haha..

all ppl have their own perception either wearing hijab or not..maybe someone will look good outside when wearing hijab but not inside but fr me ppl will have bad thinking fr those whose not wearing hijab..ONLY PERCEPTION..but fr me i'll give more and more and more RESPECT fr those yg free hair compared to yang ON OFF ni..yes because diorang macam takde pegangan agama pon ad.i'm serious as they always take easy about islamic law...SO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

based on my research..reseach kau..some of my friends la first DP la seem nice..second DP ohh a little bit la rambut and now DP dia complete face with eyes ear hair eyebrow eyelash semua nampak see what FASHION LEETEEW..FASHION sangat kau!!!!!maybe she think she look very gourgeous when ppl keep on commenting on her DP 'AWESOME' 'CUTE' 'LIKE BARBIE DULL' and bla bla bla dah perasan adik sometime ppl are 'perli'so 'JANGAN TERMAKAN PUJIAN'


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


today 22 feb...thats meant tk lme lagilah result ak..aduuhh cuak kot..seriously dulu ingat 4 months kat rumah is a very very long time actually biasa je..pejam celik pejam celik now dhh nak masuk bulan 3..seriously time is faster than me...'time why you're so faster,can i change your mode to the slowest one' haha..gila..

ha!!!!semalam jiran jiran pn dah taye about my result..howcome i can faced them iff.......EHH TAK NAK LAH CAKAP!!!!!!!!!i;m scared of my neighbour..tapi kan semalam ble ak cbe ingat ingat balik apa yg ak jawab time spm dulu dulu..seriously i can't remember anything..hah ni lagi lah cuak...macam tk sedar je dah jawab spm...===grrrrr

so fr spm candidates jom sama sama doa ya!!!!
i want this result...who want this shout 'ME'
fr spm candidates hopefully you'll leave a comment..ngee

Monday, February 20, 2012

'oxy' old lady a.k.a nenek awesome

first and foremost ak nak mintak maaf sangatsangat kat nenek yg jmpe kat PHARMACY yesterday sebab ak tersenyum and terbuat awkward expression sebab nenek tu beli OXY...ehh did oxy suitable fr nenek??????

ha!!!lepas ak tersengih kat nenek tu..ohh god terasa jahil ohh..yup firstly ingat kan dia nak beli untuk cucu ke anak ke so i just stand at the corner of the pharmacy while waiting fr my mom kan then ak tengok nenek tadi approached salesman tu 'salesman tu i think around my age lah' ba bla bla then salesman tu pon suggested oxy kat nenek tu..ohh my oxy tu dhh la menghakis!!!!!then fr pimples..nenek ad PIMPLES!!!!!!!ada

dalam hati macam nak cakap je 'bang oxy is fr pimples why not kau suggest JAMU MAK DARA KE KAT NENEK TU' boleh la awet muda hahaha...but i just zip my mouth manelah tau laki tu doctor tak malu..awww!!!!it's humiliated me right???so after 10 minutes macamtu lah i see nenek tu passed by me with her OXY!!!!!!!!!!!

so to salesman please lah suggest something based on umur..bagi ak lah kerja kat situ..haha..motiff!!!!!!!
after that moment kan ble ak tengok iklan oxy i always imagined nenek tu jadi model oxy!!haha'can you imagined that????????????????????????????hahahha

'ha lepas ni habislah JAMU MAK DARA semua nenek nenek cari oxy'awet muda tu..just kidding

Sunday, February 19, 2012

when they call me WATEQQQQQQQQQQ!!!

WATEQ..SAPPY..!!!this is the nicknames that ppl call me..ha credit to MARIAM HALIM fr creating such a unique name..hahaha...terima kasih terima kasih...nilah 1st time nme ak diolah sebegini rupa...WATTTEEEQQQQQQ...(gaya menjerit) awesome right hahahha...#perasanperasanperasan

first time macam pelik pon ad howcome AWATIF be WATEQ kankan..tapi lamalama...haha..seronok pulak glomor ohhh!!!!!!!!
muka pelik time dengar wateqqqqq

tapi ad certain certain org je yg panggil nme ni pelik sikit..sometimes macam, double meaning pon umu raihan mariam miraman tare fas..the awkward feeling ble chak syamim izat haziq panggil...takotnye..diorang panggil penoh dengan qalqolah tau..dengung semua cukup haha..hahahaha..amende yang takot sangat pon entah #bllluurrrrrrr

lastly thanks fr giving e such precious name...manatau one day nanti ak glamor ha!!nak gne nme WATEQQQ ah...hahah.glamor sangat!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

thumbs up malaysian team!!!!!

thumbs up(MARI ANGKAT IBU JARI) fr malaysian team badminton sebab dah berjaya layak separuh akhir amin..eventhough most of malaysian player is newbie but with confidence boleh menang ohh.. i'm proud to be MALAYSIAN..ha fr LEE CHONG awesome you are..haha..suka suka tengok game are so cool time main...tengok tengok dah menang..ohh myy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!suka suka suka...then fr LI LIAN congrets sebab menang eventhouhh bru main kan..hahhopefully malaysia boleh masok final..EHH DAPAT MASUK KAN????????????ahh tk kisahlah ooohhh LEE CHONG WEI!!!!!!!!!!!

ini pon suka

'hopefully  they'll crete more and more and more success in coming soon olympic AMIN=)'

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mock interview!!

ohh hi!!!!umm yesterday time selak selak dictionary tiba tiba ternampak stu perkataan ni..haha..guess what???

 type of diesease of cow which affect their brain and usually killed  (mad cow diesease)     
 type of brain diesease causes by eating infected meat 

actually this is the question yg cikgu SULAIMAH asked me time MOCK ambition is VETERINER then she asked 'what animal do you like' with sincerity i answered 'COW' betol lah..then she asked 'give me one type of cow diesease' ak tk expect lhh soalan tu..dengan selamba "LEMBU GILA" dhh la interview in english haha..btw betolla jawapan ak..cuma tk SAINTIFIC je..haha....thats why kne buat preparation..haha..jawab pon bukanbukan..seriously ak sangat pelik time interview tu..hahahha

"lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 words 8 letter 1 phrase

2 words 8 letter 1 phrase is THANK YOU or TERIMA KASIH..isn't it is a simple simple and simple words to be PRONOUNCED..but actually this words is very hard to say in our daily is a reality go and try counting how much you said this phrase a day..once..twice!!!!think..why it is so hard to said 'THANK YOU' when someone lend a hand to you..or maybe inform you some information.did we have to pay fr a this phrase!!!!!!ummmm

as a normal person we must always use this words as all the time we're dealing with human so why stiil some ppl not practise to say THANK YOU AND THEY TENDS TO SAY THE OTHER WORDS INSTEAD OF THANK seem so hard fr them..haha..sibok je ak ni..but this the main reason why we MALAYS always be called no manners people...see what!!!YOU LIKE THIS TITTLE??????????

so at the tender age parents should teach their children to say THANK YOU..and applied in their daily life..with god willing that children will have a very very good manners..ummm...THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FR READING..


Sunday, February 12, 2012


ehh macam mke ak lhh sebelah amir tu..haha perasan gila 

tuesday at 9pm is the most favourite time fr me..hah apa lagi VANILLA COKLAT LAH NI!!!since 8 pm i had prepared mandi sembahyang..haha..semangat tak!!!alah orang lain pon mesti macam example jiran jiran propa kat rumah ak ha included my mom..haha...they're so excited more and more and more than me.."mak cik you supposed to watch semanis kurma not vanilla coklat"opppss!!!!

actually nowadays vanilla coklat had becoming a trending kat twitter btw AMIR ASHRAF pon..haha..i like soo much..bila dia cakap kat zara "you're mine" ak yg terlebih blushing..haha..merapu=without this drama of course lhh penganggur penggangur tehormat kat rumah ni mati keboringgan!!!!!kn3..AM I RIGHT!

HA!credit to FATIN ATIYAH TARE ROHANA JALIL fr being crazy about this drama boleh la kita menggila kan..everyday we keep texting with the same topic..VANILLACOKLAT..VANILLACOKLAT..VANILLACOKLAT.btw inbox ak ad 394 message semua pasal vanilla coklat..haha..FYI everyday we keep reviewing the whole episode..DIALOGUE skali haha..tu yg tak tahan memang obses sungguh ..kitorang dhh hafal semua dialog boleh ganti zara ni..haha...SAYA PERASAN!!!!ehh tengok tak uncut scene kat youtube..seronok kan10x ak ulang ohhh..haha..x de keje begini jalil SI BUDAK HUTAN(plkn) kau tau x penat ak buat sinopsis vanillacoklat kat kau skali dialog penoh..ha nasib kau puji sinopsis ak kn even macam upin lah ak nak aplikasikan pelajaran KOMSAS ak nih..CIKGU AMAL must be proud of me kan..LAGILAGI PERASAN..TARE stop la berangan kau jadi zara ak lhh zara tu..haha

lastly i wanna thanks tv3 because tayangkan lah the only bahan nak menunjuk kat budak yg dhh masuk u...cerita ni best ohh..karang buat lah CALCULATOR REBOS @CALCULLUS TU...haha..jealous leeteew!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

mereka sudah berubah!!

'FACEBOOK DHH MACAM DEWAN EXAM SPM' ni lah realitynye bila most of my friends have started their life journey ada yg part time and some of them yg dapat SPC..dhh pon masok u...jelous yg tinggal kat fb ni semua nye lhh anakanak mak!!!!ANAK ANAK MAK???????what!!!!!!!!!!! actuially kteorg kat rumah ni nak bebakti kat mak bapak haha..without us x habis beras kat rumah tau!!!!! kpd mak mak besyukur la..hahahha

so dekat fb tu jarangle nampak ramai mcm dulu...person yg only ad mostly budak u!!!!!but diorang with their own story lah..tak habis habis topic CALCULATOR REBUS OR CALCULUS tu!!haha...yes i'm jealous..haha...honestly...tapi sometimes geram la jugak perlu je post macam2 kat group sal life in university sentap tau.!!!!!!!!!!!tapi kteorang only ada topic about DRIVING CLASSES!!sini sana driving classes..agak2 diorang jelous tak..haha..OKK I KNOW CONFIRM LA TAK license bukan boleh kemana pon..haha..tu aku

haha..anyway now ppl have changes and become matured teenagers in this new life!!!!MATURED?????? haha...ahh fr NURAIHAN SHAHLIN..SYAHIRAH HANIS..FITRAH ZAINAL..MIERA AZMAN..AINUL SAADAH.thanks sebb setia dengan fb haha..even semua orang X de!!!!!!!haha TERHARU X KAKKAK SEMUA!!!!!!!!!haha..xde motippp.

"agak agak kte matured tak???"

shhhhhh...exam lah...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

this is the real holiday!!as a MAID

HOLIDAY!!!!!!who liked it shout 'ME'..LOL..umm fr me holiday is the precious moments as no more rules..tu lah yg best pon and boleh bangon lambat..ahh i like!!!!tambahtambah ble MID TERM..lme sikit HOLIDAY nye!!!!!so enjoy gle time holiday!!!!!!!enjoy enjoy enjoy then ble 2 or 3 hari holiday left hati gundah gulana sebab homework kemana..hahaha..this is the feeling tak nak balik maktab..feeling bluurr taktau nak buat ap pon datang!!!!!!!!!!now hidup pon kelam kabut and turn upside down guess what my vision now is nak balik awal then copy paste homework orang cepat cepat...haha..seriously but this is the reality kan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sanggup tak tidur malam because nak cmpletekan homework!!!!!!!bagos bagos!!!"BEKORBAN APA SAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as school students homework always tebengkalai jarang2 lah completes even dah dekat spm pon!!!!!x sedar diri nmenye tuh..hahaha..ummm but fr me sometimes holiday is meaningless sebab kat rumah usually my mom will ask me to spend the whole time studying.completing my homeworks or doing some revision..ONLINE KADANG KADANG JELAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she's like my WARDEN BADAR BWP LDP..SEMUA LAH!!HOLIDAY VACATION ohh jarang sekali fr my family like what my mom says...MEMBAZIR..ok!!!!!!ak pon x ske travelling!!ookk stop.dhh merapu!

actually the things that i want to highlight here is about life after spm while wating fr the result its AWESOME tapi bosan...seriously bosan kot!!i'm speechless because nothing special here...hmmm..ohh ya there is something i like because no more HOMEWORKS..TEACHERS MUMBLING..NO GEMILANG CLASS..NO PREP..NO TEST PAPER..NO EXAM..NO MORE WAKE UP EARLY AND GOING TO CLASS..NO INSPECTION..ROWCLL..NO MORE STAYED UP AND LASTLY NO MORE HOMEWORK COPY AND PASTE...haha..this i like!!!!!!!!!!!my life become more and more and more calm without this things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now i had started my journey in my new life as JUNIOR!!as i don't get spc and bla bla i am MAID LAH KAT RUMAH!!!it's sound so hard kan but my daily routine is SWEPT THE FLOOR MOPPED..WASH DISHES..SANGKUT BAJU KOT..KADANGKADANG.LIPAT AND BASUH BAJU..NO I DON'T LIKE..I'M LAZY!!!cook guess what i can't open the stove..hahaha..ok you can give me a big big laugh but seriously i'm so afraid of it!!!even i had tried it once tapi time my mother kursus..tapi sumpah taknak buat dhh..haha..but takan sampai besar pon macam ni i had promise to myself to learn it from now!!!!ok hopefully i did it!haha..doakan ak selamat ya!!!so this is how my holiday progress everyday!!!!!!

"cerah berseri walaupun tanpa make up"again no motiff!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


fr me my preteens memories is a sweet candy in my life as i learned many thing either it is sweet memories or sour..but seriously being a preteen can be tough fr me our body is getting bigger and bigger and sometimes it is quite embrassing and even scary!!!!!HOMEWORK had becoming our big ENEMY .PARENTS starting giving responsibilities to us and FRIENDS are changing too.SOMETIMES we end up joining new groups of friends or keep switching our best friends..BOY AND GIRLSstart noticing each other at this stage and it can be and embrassing at the same

ooohh dhh kemana dhh ni actually nak cerita sal one of my wonderful friends zaman2 preteens dulu!!!she and i had been best friends since we were toddlers until now.she was the most popular girls in our whole grade it is because she is SMART and CUTE but she was really NICE..a NICE POPULAR GIRLS not a MEAN popular girls.everyone copied what she did sometimes i get jealous with her tp i don't care as she is nice and it's appropiate fr her to be an example..ohh i remmber smething that happened when we're in standard 3..i had buy a new pencil case with cow character.then my friends love it and she bought one fr herself but with lion characters...then by next week all the girls in the class and the whole school were using that type of pencil casebut in LION CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!i remember being dissapointed that i had started the trend but the=at all the girls had buy in lion character instead of cow character ...this is because what my friend chose..WHY ALL SHE DID BEING A TREND?????????even when she buy donut at cafeteria then all girls also did AWESOME right..

so because of her i had a high desire to become popular..famous at school ..haha merapu..tak popular pon...anyway what i want to highlighted here is preteens memories is so VALUABLE to us as it teach us newthings and full of honesty and look what now i am no longer a shy girl!!!!!!!!!!yes..i did it

p/s..sekarang pulas pulas keluar air..tekan tekan lampu nyala..tekantekan kipas gerak..dulu tak!!!!!!!!again xde motiff!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

kak can you walk FASTER!!PLEASE..

walk behind someone yg jalan macam SIPOT sedot is killing me and makes me in two minds."NAK POTONG KE TAK NAK????????????wait je lah...ok tapi dalam hati mencarut bagai!!!!!lol..but seriously kalau ak nak cepatcepat ad je sipot sipot sedot jalan lambat lambat..aduhhh...i wanna shout KAK WALK FASTER!!1 MINUTE IS LIKE 10 TANNED OF GOLD YOU KNOW!HAHAH..kaya ak begini!!!!!!!

all people mesti ad lalui this situation even once in ur life..tipu lhh x me i always be the victims fr this type of person..oppss SPECIAL PERSON!!!!!!!tapi kalau mak cik pak cik opah atuk..yg jalan lambat i don't mind because it goes same to my mum yg ad masalah sendi sundi tu..nimuda muda jalan slow ok maybe kau cakap you are gadis melayu but my perception is you COVER AYU!!!am i right tambahtambah ble jalan depan laki..,macam nak jerit..."weyh you better stop moving and just tayang mke tuh"...kn3..but sometimes kakakkakak ni jalan lambat because of their heels yg 3or4 inches they have to mind their tapak tu..mau jatuh malu ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awwww....tapi sometimes ad org yg realised that she is so slow and she give ppl behind him lalu THANKS ya!!!!but fr those yg buat x kesah about ppl behind them even ak cakap EXCUSE...aduuhh geram gila....tapi i just think positively..maybe she/he is DEAF..BLIND..or...SELFISH????????????ok i leave ou with a questioned mark!!!!!!!

this is another situation which always spoilt my lain pulak..isshh geram lhh ble orang jalan laju tapi redah habis semua orang..YES i am kind of person who always walk FAST..tapi xdelah nak redah semua orang..kn3!!!!!!!!!!this situation selalu jadik kat wedding ceremony..aduuhh geramnye ak ngan makcikmakcik begini..rse nak letak pinggan x kesahlah maybe dia nak cepat kot...AMBOI KAK NAK CEPAT SAMPAI CAMTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ehh merapu lhh..why i write this entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!OKLAH BYE...
p/s -so after this dont walk to fast like sipot sedot or too slow like thunder..oppss!!!!!!