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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 words 8 letter 1 phrase

2 words 8 letter 1 phrase is THANK YOU or TERIMA KASIH..isn't it is a simple simple and simple words to be PRONOUNCED..but actually this words is very hard to say in our daily is a reality go and try counting how much you said this phrase a day..once..twice!!!!think..why it is so hard to said 'THANK YOU' when someone lend a hand to you..or maybe inform you some information.did we have to pay fr a this phrase!!!!!!ummmm

as a normal person we must always use this words as all the time we're dealing with human so why stiil some ppl not practise to say THANK YOU AND THEY TENDS TO SAY THE OTHER WORDS INSTEAD OF THANK seem so hard fr them..haha..sibok je ak ni..but this the main reason why we MALAYS always be called no manners people...see what!!!YOU LIKE THIS TITTLE??????????

so at the tender age parents should teach their children to say THANK YOU..and applied in their daily life..with god willing that children will have a very very good manners..ummm...THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FR READING..


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