the 'RECIPE'

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


who am i in the FUTURE??? DOCTOR..TEACHER...CHEF..or bla bla bla..ha biasalah ble result dah around around the corner ni everyday is about result..i can feel my adrenaline burst..BOOOOMMMMM!! ha maybe there is a voice said 'i am too early to think about it' OH 'don't you think you are too LATE???? so let have some discussion about our MYSTERIOUS FUTURE..

A BAD BEGINNING MAKE A BAD ENDING!!hah how was my test paper..ARE YOU OK??(hey hey don't be a pessimist) so as we still got time to improve our beginning let make some preparation in order to face the SCARY RESULT..maybe we should plan our path after SPM???

UMM..yesterdayi had googleing something about future at .tysm fr the admin fr giving me such precious information.about scholarship and some courses..btw i had found the suitable career fr me!!!!! fr those who still confused about path after spm go and check now!!!!!!!!

'i am riding the scary ROLLERCOASTER OF LIVE' hewhew


syeranis nazri said...

so, ape career yg ko nk ambik tu??


ak nak jadi CIKGU..jangan gelak tau tau

syeranis nazri said...

ok je..

ainul saádah shuhaimi said...

haha,boleh laa kau jadi mcam cikgu cantik dkat mktb kite tu..jalan sebelah kelas..semua mata dlam kelas curi2 pandang..haha


ainul memang nak camtu pon..macam tecer leopard whee..ak nak jdi cikgu ular sawa..awww