the 'RECIPE'

Sunday, July 1, 2012


ha without realising i've been a month here in UPM.wah and aku setuju sangat yang tempat ni okayy seronok...seronok oxygen pun cukup kan.haha...nothing to tell today but i just wanna post some picture about my new life..LET'S PICTURE TELL EVERYTHING!!!!!

this is my ROOMATE!do they look BEAUTIFUL???
actually malam ni au berlakon off watak utama lagi ha...INI BUKAN CALTURESHOCK YE!
wanna know our tagline 'E405 GO #SuaraDalam

this my CLASSMATE eventhough my first impression to them is like brrr
but now i know that they are SUPERB

this what we call UPM right..full off green colour

huh thats all gtg to read my beloved BIOLOGY..haha prayed for my second test next week ya..

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