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Saturday, July 28, 2012

how i miss my home

such a damn damn damn missing my mum.for 3 month not going home and now i always dreaming to be at home.but how could the miracle come as i have to lalui such a long period of time to get to 17 ogos 2012.*tears rolling down* hmmm maybe i always be in this situation but the only things that i can describe is bee in university is totally different from what i had jalani time duduk hostel's totally different

been in university laways make me feel like an alien!!i dont know why maybe we still don;tknow each other well..ummm but know my biggest and the biggest problem is i miss really really miss my mom~!!!sincerely.i don't know why maybe because our period of being apart is too long.and know i got the syndrome of hoping a miracle to come.such as.i hope when i woke up in the morning the date is 17 i get go back home!!!!!!yeayyyyyyyyyyy

nothing to say!!oklah bye *with tears rolling down my cheek

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