the 'RECIPE'

Saturday, August 11, 2012


hai hai hai!ha such a long time not doing a comeback and now i'm back *waving waving hand* seriously i'm now in nervous mood as this week is presentation week for ASPER student so hmmmmmm..ha with the same problem my adrenaline and ya when my adrenaline burst i 'll talk faster than a human and no one will understand it.Seriously i don't want the same problem to interupped me in my new world,actually my aim in university is to build the new me not the late one who is usually like brrr.LOL.

every single minutes i kept thinking on the same questioned can i present my english presentation successfully CAN I??????????????can i talk naturally or lintang pukang!!tak boleh bayanglah kalau english aku berterabur..damn damn damn.ok lastly just wanna tell about the haunted feeling that keep on haunting me hahahahhahaha

ok then if anything happened on that day i will flush my face in the toilet bowl oO